MGMT – What does it mean, bro?

18 April, 2008

I am (still, 2-3 weeks after first hearing it in the movie theater) enamored of this song, “Time to Pretend” by MGMT … and proud of it.  A little like a Third Eye Blind or a Semisonic, which also had short runs with highly melodic, cool-and-a-little-edgy-lyric’ed, quirky guitary pop-rock, MGMT (formerly The Management) seems to have exploded very quietly onto the scene by way of the 21 soundtrack (the MIT-Vegas movie I unfortunately can’t recommend).  The video here is either cartoonishly profound or just plain trippy (can we do both for 500, Alex?)  Damn, it’s catchy, though.  And they seem like good chaps, so what of it?


Redheads Rule … well, Genghis Khan did

18 April, 2008

So, in my rather collegiate attempts recently (largely successful) to procrastinate, I did finally, once and for all, get the story on my red hair.  Or … actually I just perused the article on this topic on Wikipedia, which of course may or may not be full of it.  I was shocked a little and amused that they noted Monsiuer Khan as a(n) historical redhead (a la “historical babes” also in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure).  Word.

Warming Warning 2.0, redux, redo . . .

11 April, 2008

I would direct your attention to this recent lecture by the so-appealing-nowadays “former next president of the United States,” as he runs around and around this crazy-important set of issues.  So, did you actually see An Inconvenient Truth ?

Oh, and it looks as though MIT/Sloan has had smart things to say about this recently too, from a … hmm, business perspective.  Shocking.  And (yet) enlightening, too.  Why is this not surprising?