Death Cab – Am I Last to the Party?

7 December, 2008

Wow, I must say (Edward E. Grimley aside) that Death Cab for Cutie is a great band.  I have been walking around for weeks now with songs from Plans in my head — really all of them, and that’s a real testament to their yummy goodness.

I guess right now it’s “Can’t Find Nothin’ At All…” (perhaps not the song title, rrr), but often it’s the haunting (haunted?) “I Will Follow You into the Dark.”  Or even the beginning, lyrically fascinating second track there:  “In my head, there is a Greyyyyyhound station / Where I send my thoughts / To farrrr off destinayyyystons….”

Their Directions, the “companion” (so friendly) DVD with video by various independent directors for each of the songs on Plans, is excellent background, with a couple of standouts — worth the ride and/or to put a spin on songs we(I) already dig.  Check it out.